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Affiliate Marketing has benefits

Lately I have been trying out a few new affiliate marketing ideas to see if I can increase my income online.

In the past I did get an affiliate payback for getting a new customer to sign up for web site hosting with my hosting company, 1and1.com.

It was a customer that I was (and still am) working on their web site. they are a married couple that have the site joiededeux.com and they were looking for a hosting company with a better deal than the one they were using.

I have been using them for years since I was in college, in fact, I got my first 3 years totally free on a special deal a fellow student turned me on to.

My banner on the right will take you to them and I will get an affiliate payout for being the one that sent you to them. No cost to you. They also have some of the least expensive domain name prices of the big name services at $6.99/yr.

I am also starting up the eBay affiliate program too.

More eBay

I have been having fun listing more stuff on eBay and have even made a little money. It’s not web design, but hey, it lets me buy a few gadgets here and there. BTW…I just joined this cool eBay Affilliate Network called the eBay Partner Network and if you click any of my eBay links… Continue Reading