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When your dog goes to heaven your family feels the loss

A week ago we had to put our treasured black lab, Tasha to sleep.

She had been feeling ill for about the past month, sometimes being very tired and not even wanting to get up or even wag her tail. Then she would bounce back and be fine for a while. We took Tasha to the vet and he thought she might be having some internal bleeding. He told us what to look for and told us our options.

Surgery was the main option and we decided that we did not want to put her through all the pain of surgery and the recovery afterwards.


Last Saturday we got home and she was laying there with some fluids next to her. We rushed Tasha to the vet and he informed us that she most likely was having internal bleeding and was feeling discomfort.

We had to make the hard decision of putting our pal to sleep.

A week later we really find ourselves missing her.



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