I’m Dennis Guten and I started AloneOnTheWeb back in 2008. I used to have another blog named “The Life of Buford” that started in 2006 and the two blogs were merged onto this one at some point.

So why the name AloneOnTheWeb for my blog?

I started this blog during the time after I was laid off from my e-commerce job at at a company called Hitchfinder.com while I was working on my own doing freelance web design. Hence the name, plus I just liked it and decided to keep it.

I plan to write about a diverse range of topics here:

  • Web Design
  • Freelance
  • Web Software
  • Mac/iPhone/iPad
  • Family
  • Cameras (I am a collector and interested in photography)
  • More…

I know, they all say you should focus on a niche to be successful doing a blog, but I’m mostly doing this for fun and because I love having an online presence and not because I expect to make millions of dollars off my blog.

So welcome, please subscribe if anything interests you and please comment if you read anything interesting or something you have an opinion on.