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Leopard installed on laptop

On Tuesday night I installed Mac OS X Leopard on my Powerbook G4 laptop.

I wish I could say it went 100% without casualties, but nope, not true.

The installation went just fine from the upgrade dvd that came with mom’s new Mac Mini.

A few minor shareware apps stopped working, but the main casualties I have are Fireworks MX and Flash MX. I don’t do a lot of work in Flash, but I work daily in Fireworks.

I have other programs with feature sets similar to Fireworks, but nothing that will open the already created .png graphics files I have with the original layers intact.

This is a problem since I have tons of those, for work and personal use.

I’m currently trying the 30-day trial of the Fireworks CS3 program and may have to break down and buy the program! Oy.

Update to the Leopard rant

Just a clarification about the Leopard upgrade… This is the 2nd machine I have installed Leopard on. The first was my 24″ iMac and it was really scary at the beginning. All that was solved within 24hrs of install. I even figured out why my photo booth stopped working (there were 2 of them and… Continue Reading