Yippee! Ruthie has finally come over from the dark side.

I was looking around on Craigslist and saw someone had a Mac Mini for sale for a really good price.

This is a small Mac that Apple makes that you hook up to your current monitor, keyboard and mouse. It was less than a year old and he was going to put Leopard on it, which is the newest Mac OS X version of the operating system.

So I emailed the guy and was the 1st person who contacted him, so we arranged to meet. Turns out he works in the Mac department at Microcenter, a computer store I go to often.

Bought it, took it home and 5 minutes later Ruthie had a Mac running on her old accessories and was on the internet just like that.

She is thrilled.

A bonus was that he gave me the original install dvd for Leopard, which i installed on my 24″ iMac last night, but that’s a whole other story for another post. bad start, but good ending.