The John DeMattia for Richardson Website

Yes, that’s correct. I actually made a political campaign website.

The site is for a friend, John DeMattia, for the Richardson, TX City Council Elections coming up on May 14th. The site address is: and it’s a little six-pager I put together using my “Antares” website framework. The site is called:

John is running because he has witnessed the current city government mismanage funds and get the city into debt by making unwise choices. John wants to get Richardson, TX back on a fiscally sound standing and help the city by serving.

He is a member of an organization called The Richardson Citizens Alliance, which is running a slate of candidates to oppose the Richardson Coalition candidates, some of whom are the incumbents in the race.

Antares is a small framework I have been working on for a while and have finished and put the final touches on. This was the first real test to see just how much time I could save using it as a starting base of code for a site.

It essentially gives me a frame of header, content and footer with all margins, padding, divs, CSS, HTML, SlideShowPro (a flash based slide show software) and Lightbox (image zoom effect where the background grays out) all pre-coded. You just create a certain sized header and footer and add copy and images and the site fills in pretty quickly.

In this case, from start to finish it took 2.25 hours to make the site.