Here’s a photo of our new house in Richardson, TX.

We closed this past Tuesday (3/13/07) and have only put a few things over there yet. We have been concentrating on the fun stuff like getting all the utilities turned on.

I am at the new house right now waiting for the cable guy to come install tv and cable internet. Turns out we are in a location that DSL does not service so I hope that cable is fast enough. We ordered the 7mb speed. I was able to get hooked up via dial-up with my AT&T account and am using that now to work on web design for work. You never realize how slow dial-up is until you have to sit down and fiddle with it for a while.

I guess it is good to do every once in a while to see how your sites load this way. We get spoiled working with the broadband and faster speeds.

Went to the doc for my shoulder yesterday and he said I am healing from the fall and damage to my shoulder just fine. All is as it should be. I have also started physical therapy for my hand.