This is my first post about my web design freelance experience.

I have seen over the last week an increase in potential. I kept getting these little feelers that a number of little jobs were about to start and today I find myself somewhat employed again.

Last week a referral from my sister Myra Moskowitz landed me a small job for the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation working on their web site fixing code and some design issues. I put in an afternoon there on Thursday with the promise of more later in the month after the busy/crazy period is over for them.

Last week there was another referral from my mom working for a friend on 3 small sites. I have done bit of preliminary work on that, but am waiting for the client to get me more material.

Last week I did a short software lesson with a guy I met at the Dallas eBaybes & eMales group I belong to. It was on a Mac shareware program called Garage Sale that I use for listing auctions on eBay. If you have a Mac and do eBay, check out the program as it has a number of excellent features. He gave my business card to a friend and tomorrow I am meeting with the friend to start a small site for an antiques business in Jefferson, TX.

And today my many emails to postings on Craigslist finally paid off. I am starting with a company in Euless, TX called TowerOS tomorrow for a 20-30 hour a week gig designing and coding ecommerce stores. The stores are ProStores, which is an eBay company.

I am also awaiting more work from a client, Joie De Deux, that I have been working for since I was still a student a few years back.

See, when it rains, it pours.

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