The Maribeth house has finally sold!!! We closed on December 28, 2007 and are out of it for good.

It was kinda odd, but the house showed over 55 times and then we got 3 bids in a few days. one was right and we took it and they wanted to close really quickly (no complaints here). So that was a real relief to both Ruthie and I.

Let’s see, Josh is about to start a course in emergency medical technician (emt), David is in Israel on a trip called Birthright with Amy and Jon has immersed himself in yet another sports activity. He is now on the wrestling team at Richardson High.

I also had some fun playing around with my new “fisheye lens”…

This is a picture of our new kitchen at the Glen Cove house. I saw a tutorial online the other day about how you could get a cheap fisheye lens to work with a compact digital camera.

It really works!

It was pretty simple to put together. The ingredients are 1) one of those small door viewers (you know, the type you have in an apartment door) 2) The cap from a Target prescription bottle (check to make sure it fits over the camera lens) 3) A drill to drill a hole in the Target cap…that’s it

You just stick the whole strange looking thing over the lens and have fun. I have gotten some unusual and bizarre photos with this contraption. Try it.