On Monday Ruthie, my brother-in-law Jack Antebi and Ruthie’s co-worker, Regaynel Poplion came down to College Station, Texas for a continuing education session that was being put on at A&M University. the Texas Transportation Institute is hosting the sessions and Jack works for them.


I got to come along because “have Apple Powerbook and WiFi – will travel” applies in my business as a freelance web designer.

I just set up my little portable office in the motel and plug away at my work.

We got 2 bonuses on this trip.

1 – We got to have dinner twice with our son David, who attends A&M. his girlfriend Amy even got away from her studies to meet us for one dinner.

2 – Regaynel Poplion happens to be Amber Poplion’s mom. The fact that she was able to come with us means that Amber is doing great and Regaynel can get away for a few days for work. I think she is due to finally leave the rehab facility and go home very soon. She did get to go home for a few hours last week and today is supposed to go the Texas State Fair!