Well, it has been a long 8 days since I last posted.

I just drew this Illustrator image of our wonderful black lab mix, Tasha. Yes, it was all done with the left hand only (I am really getting good at the left-hand mouse) and I think it came out pretty well. She loves to curl up on this big floor pillow in our bedroom and that’s what you see her doing here. Either Tasha or Allie have started to chew up that pillow and it may have to be trashed soon though.

So, just how is my recovery from “the fall” going? Well, I have been back in to the hospital for a CT Scan and my shoulder doctor has proclaimed that the small bone fracture I have inside the shoulder will not require surgery! A small piece of good news in all of this mess.

There is still considerable pain in the hand. I go back to the hand doctor on the 6th to see how that is going and I am hopeful he will let me take off this horrble mess he has my hand and arm encsased inside.

This past week I did start working again after doing nothing for a solid week after “the fall”. I almost put in a 40-hour week here in our home office doing updates to our 4 main web sites. It was very good to start doing web design again and being useful, even if I am slower than usual. I have a big project that I started right before all this, but I can’t really start that again just yet.

Once again, the family has been great and I thank everyone that has emailed or called to wish me well.

Oy, and I also finally shaved…not an easy thing to do with the wrong hand.