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AT&T coverage fail in New Mexico

AT&T coverage fail in New Mexico

Yes, it’s another fail. I usually don’t complain so much, but on our recent trip to Taos, New Mexico our nice new iPhone 4 was an expensive toy that was only good for playing games.

I understand that when you are in the middle of the mountains, miles from anywhere, let alone a cell tower, cell coverage will be spotty. It was. The data coverage was pitiful though. In Taos, we did get the E network where we were staying, but it was so poor that we could not even get the weather report from weather.com.

In places where it should have worked and it showed a strong signal and either the E or G network, it just plain did not work.

If I lived there an iPhone would be the last thing i would want. Thank goodness I live in Richardson, TX where the G coverage is strong and the area is wide.

Anybody else have any trip stories about AT&T coverage?