AT&T failed at New Mexico phone coverage

Yes, it’s another fail. I usually don’t complain so much, but on our recent trip to Taos, New Mexico our nice new iPhone 4 was an expensive toy that was only good for playing games.

I understand that when you are in the middle of the mountains, miles from anywhere, let alone a cell tower, cell coverage will be spotty. It was. The data coverage was pitiful though. In Taos, we did get the E network where we were staying, but it was so poor that we could not even get the weather report from

In places where it should have worked and it showed a strong signal and either the E or G network, it just plain did not work.

If I lived there an iPhone would be the last thing i would want. Thank goodness I live in Richardson, TX where the G coverage is strong and the area is wide.

Anybody else have any trip stories about AT&T coverage?