I am back selling on eBay again.

I started going to these Meetup groups and at one I met this guy that was doing a lot of eBay and he urged me to go to his eBay Meetup group.

So I started listing a few things again for sale and last night went to the Meetup. It was huge. There were 100 people there and even someone I used to work with from my last job that I had not seen for a few years and had lost touch with. She was even sitting at my table.

They had gotten 6 people from eBay to come in for a Q & A session and it was really very cool. I met a number of different sellers and had a good time.

I will go again.

I have also been going to a number of different Meetup groups about marketing ideas for the internet as well. It seems to be a good way to network at the same time as learning from others. If you have never heard of Meetup groups, just visit www.meetup.com and there are tons of groups.