It’s been a while since I blogged about the “out of work, looking for work” deal, so here’s a little update.

Crazy pic of Gushin

About 6 weeks have passed since I was laid off and I have been actively searching for web design and related opportunities/positions.

I have come across some really diverse things. I have landed a freelance gig helping a small company ramp up to the opening of an e-commerce furniture store and am working a bit on that now.

I have been spending some time working on developing some phpBay Pro based sites to earn eBay affiliate income. They are WordPress blogs/sites that point to items on sale currently on eBay. If a visitor comes to your site, clicks on an auction or one of the other eBay pointer links, then a 7-day cookie is set on that computer – if an eBay auction win occurs from that computer within the 7-days, then I get a split on the fees that eBay collects for the auction.

phpBay Pro Software

It all works through the phpBay Pro WordPress plugin I purchased that calls in all the auctions based on keywords/parameters you set in the software. Pretty neat. It was only $49 and can be used on an unlimited number of sites.

As of today I have yet to earn any income from that, but I am willing to sit it out and try to build up traffic to the sites (a list of these sites are in the sidebar under “other Buford sites”).

I am currently participating in a new online blogging contest/course called the thirty day challenge. It has videos that teach you how to learn how to do sites for profit the correct way to not spin your wheels. I just started this and will post more after I get more into the course. The course is free, run by Aussie’s named Ed and Dan.

You can sign up for the thirty day challenge (30dc) yourself and try it out.

30 Day Challenge

I’m also looking into various opportunities making partnerships with business owners selling items for them on eBay. It’s amazing how many of those are out there.

Today I went to a company that had boxes of computer products (new, but pretty old), plus 23 new violins (go figure) to sell. I took home a box full of them (1 of each item) to research the products to see if they will sell.

I have answered a ton of online ads for web site design, graphic design, html, css, web optimization, seo and more. there seems to be a lot out there, but nothing has fallen into place yet.

No prob. I’ll just continue doing what I am doing and something will happen. More later.