Well, I went and did it really bad this time. This past sunday, as I was enjoying a fun few minutes of shooting a few baskets at the park with Ruthie and Jon I had an intimate meeting with the concrete.

I was trying to grab the ball and was chasing after it and started to lose my balance and never did regain it. I fell straight on my shoulder, then slammed my hand into the concrete and to add insult to the injuries, I smacked my head into the concrete as well.

Total sum of all this fun: 1 dislocated shoulder, a fractured hand, cuts right next to my eye and a destroyed pair of glasses.

Ruthie got me home, cleaned me up and took off my shirt and I heard her say “oops, that’s not supposed to look like that” or some words like that. she rushed me over to the emergency room, where we spent the next 5 hours (the staff at Richardson Medical Center were excellent, btw) taking x-rays and waiting. A group of the staff finally grabbed me and yanked my shoulder back into place (I did not scream) and sent me home all wrapped up, in pain and with the additional news that my hand was broken.

Ruthie did some incredible work the next morning getting me in to see a specialist about my shoulder, plus we saw a hand specialist and did an MRI on the shoulder (hate MRI’s) all in the same afternoon. The hand guy did x-rays and right away scheduled me for surgery on Tuesday morning.

The surgery went quickly, hey at least for me it did cuz I was knocked out and the next thing I knew I was waking up with a huge bandage and a pillow wrapped around my hand up to my elbow.

That was Tuesday and the days since have seemed a blur of pain and soreness. This has been the longest I have been able to sit at the computer since this started on Sunday.

I am hoping that the pain will subside some over the weekend so I can start some work from home next week. Ironically, I was supposed to have started working from home 3 days a week starting this past Monday! Go figure.

Through all of this my wonderful wife Ruthie, my boys and my family have been great. The people up at work have been real understanding as well. I feel really blessed to have such caring people in my life right now.

A small bonus of all this crap has been that my step-son Josh actually came home from active duty with the Israeli Defense Forces the morning this happened and I have had extra time to spend with him during his short stay here before he returns to Israel.

Really crappy timing for us buying a house though. More soon…