Boy, talk about frustration. I have been working for like 2 weeks on this new layout for one of the web sites at work and finally uploaded it yesterday morning.

Chaos soon ensued after I uploaded. the stupid Internet Explorer kept making my navigation system totally vanish, while it was fine in Firefox (my browser of choice now).

After both my co-worker Darren and I messed with it for hours, it seemed to get much worse.

It turns out that files were being uploaded from his computer to the wrong folders and we kept having more and more problems.

It all came down to the word “index” which was missing from my CSS file name (this controls the look of the whole site).

Put that in and presto…all is well…except for the headaches both Darren and I took home of course.

This reminds me of when I was a child and building things with Lego’s. You would get it all built and that last piece would not fit because the structure was too tight and then the whole thing would burst apart.