Well, on June 20th, 2008 I was laid off from my e-commerce position with hitchfinder.com.

My family has been wonderful and supportive. I have not been depressed at all due to the upbeat attitude of my lovely wife.

I have no regrets. It was a very good learning experience and I took a lot of knowledge away from the job, plus a really cool 24″ iMac computer and the Adobe Creative Suite CS3!

What have I been doing since June 20th you might ask.

Well, I have finished my freelance web site gushindesigns.com and am almost finished with my new business card. I have designed and opened a brand new web site called appleproductsdepot.com, which combines web design, affilliate marketing and eBay.

There is also a second one of these eBay affiliate marketing web sites that I am currently building that is centered around old and new cameras, both film and digital (Note: this site closed in 2010). I am still into photography and I want this one to be a bit more interactive and it will probably concentrate more on vintage camera gear than newer stuff.

And I have been going to a number of meetup.com meetings on subjects like Joomla (a content management system for web sites), WordPress, eBay and various internet entrepreneur groups.

I have also been more active selling products on eBay than I have in the past, with 30 current auctions running. I am trying to liquidate a comic book collection I bought many year ago for a good price and have already made my original investment back so the rest is gravy as far as the comic books go.

There are a few opportunities I am checking into for web design work full time as well, but more about those if anything happens with them.