Got Skype?

I just started using the computer VOIP service called “Skype” a few days ago thanks to a friend I have in Kigali, Rwanda named Georges.

Now I am hooked.

It’s a great little service to chat online as well as make computer phone calls Skype user to Skype user (for free). I liked it so much I even sprung for $30 for a year of unlimited land line calls (us and canada). just the ability to call people and not have to hold a phone to your ear at home was worth it. My coverage with SprintPCS in my house is horrible, so the cell was not a great option at home either.

This fits the bill very well. I even bought a usb headset to use when I don’t want to bother others in our office. I am using the new 2.7 beta for Mac and it mostly works as advertised. A few rough edges with the address book that hopefully will be fixed soon.

Oh, how can I forget…video chat! Today I called a co-worker a few times that has a new HP laptop with a built-in cam and we could see each other fine. My iMac has a built-in cam as well, so when I am home I can do the video chat.

This works great for me since I work from home 3 days a week. If only I could get my boss Darren to download it now!

My Skype name is bufordgush, btw.