Well, it seems I have gotten somewhat involved in the Mike Huckabee movement a bit.

I have been going to these Meetup.com meetings with Ruthie about the Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee up in Plano (Collin County). You see, someone organizes what is called a Meetup group and then people that have that in common can get together offline and exchange ideas and so forth. They have them for all sorts of things like, Web Design, php, American Idol, Homer Simpson and whatever else the American public can come up with.

Anyways…the guy that organized the Mike Huckabee Collin County Meetup group bailed out quite unexpectedly right before our last meeting.

A nice man named Jim Edwards offered to take over and I agreed to help him get technical with the Meetup group and deal with the online aspects of this group.

After much back and forth trying to get ahold of the past organizer, I finally did and got the group working again.

Jim and I are starting a new and unusual blog in the next few days about bbq and Mike Huckabee. yes, bbq.

See, the celeb, Chuck Norris has endorsed Mike Huckabee for President and this coming Sunday, Jan. 20th on Chuck’s ranch in Navasota, Texas they are having a $1,000 a plate bbq. So i sent out a notice to all the members about this event.

I digress…Jim had this idea to create a site based on the idea of “bbqer’s for Huckabee”, figuring that people like bbq and people like Mike Huckabee. So I got a new domain name www.1001bbqloversforhuckabee.com and that’s where this new blog will live!

Nothing there yet, but the start of a WordPress blog and a template. Check back, Jim’s going to be writing up a storm there.