Since my last UT Dallas update the construction here on campus has been increasing at a fever pace (is that even correct grammar?).

The construction on the UTD campus makes it a bit of a challenge getting around campus some days, but ya gotta hope we will end up with a much better campus when it is all done.

The job is going really well. I love working in this university setting and am being challenged every day with new stuff to learn and get involved in.

The other thing I am really loving is my iPhone. The always connected aspect is very cool. I am writing this post from the UTD Student Union building in one of my 2 favorite chairs right from the iPhone.

I also purchased an app called “FTP on the Go” ($9.99 in the Apple App Store) that allows me to log on to my other ( non- WordPress) sites, look at all the files, download and edit a file and upload the edited file. That’s huge to be able to do that from my phone! At least it’s huge to a web designer.

UTD – Where I work.