Well folks, here is an update on both our new house and my injury all wrapped into one entry…

The house is moving along slowly at the present. Between using a contractor that sometimes shows up, sometimes is a no-show and really only getting work done on weekends, we are making progress, but slowly.

We have purchased furnishings for the new bathroom like a whirlpool tub, a toilet, fixtures and 2 lavatory cabinets with sinks and fixtures and all these items have been taken to the house.

The floor has been put in the bathroom (ready for the tile which we have not yet picked out) and they are working on the plumbing and the electricity now. Some progress on the drywall has also been made.

I have been working out of the office (what will be the office) at the new house when workmen are there. I have a small desk, a fan and cable internet there and I make the best of it. So that means that they really can only work during the week on 3 days because i have to go to arlington to the office 2 days a week.

About the injury…I have had some improvement overall, but I still am experiencing swelling in my hand that is stopping progress in other areas.

I just had to change the location of my physical therapy (due to the therapist I was seeing getting a new job) and the new place seems to be a more professional office and hopefully will have some solutions to the swelling problem.

1 day left of 47 for me and I jump into my 48th year. Yippee!

Ruthie is great (exhausted most of the time due to work and the new house but cute as ever), Jon is fine (although sad about the Maverick’s loss last night), David is doing fine at A&M and will be back in town soon. Yoshi just had his wisdom teeth taken out in Israel (said it was sorta painful) but otherwise is fine.

Oh yeah, our good friend Jaque just moved back from Florida and is living with our next door neighbor Leora.