Hitch and Tow LogoRecently I created a template for an eBay store for a client who also happens to be a friend. The eBay store is called Hitch and Tow and they sell hitch products and accessories on eBay. This project was a learning experience because of all the complexity involved with hooking into eBay and that user interface.

The part of the eBay selling template I created can be found by clicking on a live auction item and then scrolling down to the actual description area of the page (You will see the Hitch and Tow header in green). We also reused the template header and modified it a bit for the store header.

It was pretty challenging because you have to code for an environment that you control very little of the elements except for the template iteself, so to test it you have to actually make an auction live to see what will happen.

It also had to work within the eBay bulk program Turbo Lister, which was an additional hurdle, but it can be done. You also have to train the end user on how to work within the HTML of the template. I’m glad it finally worked out so well for my client that he currently uses it for over 200 listings and that total is growing.

Please note: The Hitch and Tow eBay store went out of business in 2010, but my link takes you to the original design I created that is still on my own GushinDesigns.com website.