Long after most pundits and others have written off Mike Huckabee’s campaign for President, the man still holds solidly in the race.

The odds are very long that Huck is going to be the nominee. the press, McCain’s campaign and the party has done a great job of trying to make it seem like the race is over and McCain is already the nominee.

Guess what? Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul are still in this race and it is not over till the fat lady sings, or someone gets 1191 delegates. That has not happened.

Who knows what could happen in the period between now and that happening. I’m not giving up on Huckabee and Huckabee is not giving up either.

He’s on the way to Texas and Ruthie, Jon and I plan on going Wed. night to Collin County Community College at 7:30pm to hear Huckabee speak.

This race is not over yet. Look at the math and conclude that it’s over. History is full of cocky people saying they have won when they really did not. Look at this past Super Bowl. Look at the election in Venezuela where that idiot Chavez tried to have himself declared dictator.

Just wait.