I was bouncing around on the web this morning and found a really nice short tutorial on how to change the boring login logo you see on the page whenever you go to the login page for a WordPress self hosted site. Thanks to Shariq over at the blog Devil Must Cry for posting the original. It was really easy to follow.

Simply put, go to the directory wp-admin/images/ and look for the graphic file named login-logo.gif, download the file to your local drive. Open it in the graphics editor of your choice (I used Fireworks), make any changes you want, keeping the width and height (310px x 70px) the same, save it and upload it back into the same wp-admin/images/ directory copying over the file there.

That’s it, simple and clean. No plug-in required. You may have to refresh the login page to see the new graphic.

I just made three custom ones for three different WordPress sites, two of which are show in the image below.

Thanks Shariq.