Well, my intentions to get a lot of work done was there, however the WiFi was not.

Let’s just call this test #2 of working freelance remotely.

I just spent 3 days in San Antonio, TX with my wife for a work conference she was attending. I was going to get a lot of freelance web design work done from the hotel during the 3 days while she was off learning about new things going on with cities and municipalities at the Texas Municipal League Conference.

Enter crappy WiFi service at the Emily Morgan 4 star hotel we were at. The suite we had was big and beautiful with the Alamo just across the street. If only I had been able to get some work done!

On our road trip the roof kept wanting to suck my wife Ruthie's hair right out of the roof!

From 1-2 bars out of 4 bars to 0 bars (most of the time the service was just not even there) it was very frustrating.

The first day I was only able to get about 15 minutes of actual work done. The hotel staff were total ding-dongs…useless at helping. I called the company that provided the WiFi service (they were in Georgia) and they got it back for 10 minutes for it only to drop off again.

They tried to tell me that someone in the hotel was using all the bandwidth and that was the reason for my lack of a good signal. Hah! Call that the answer they give customers as a stock answer. I had no signal at all, not a weak one.

The second day I just grabbed my trusty Apple Powerbook laptop and walked along the river until I found a very nice little spot in another hotel on the riverwalk that had free WiFi, a nice quiet table with plug and even a coffee/tea/soda station right next to me. I spent the afternoon here and was very happy and actually got work done.

We will stay at that hotel next time in San Antonio.

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