Alamo at night, San Antonio, Texas, USA ~

Just a little follow up to Hotel WiFi does not always work when you try to work remotely about the Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio.

While we were there the customer service was really poor, but since getting our bill they have messed up even more and have not been nice.

While checking out, my wife gave them her work tax exempt certificate, they honored it and gave her the bill with no tax. It just cleared our bank a few days ago and suddenly was $79 higher than the bill! They had added the tax back.

Ruthie had to spend a bunch of her valuable time calling and emailing the hotel, dealing with a rude desk clerk who did not want to help resolve the issue. She finally got through to the General Manager, who took care of the problem (we got a credit issued, but have yet to see it hit the account), but was not too friendly and emailed her the credit, which came without even a “sorry” note or anything.

This was a really neat historic hotel behind the Alamo with a really cool suite. The service was way below what we expected though and San Antonio has way too many other nice hotels for us ever to spend a dime in this joint again. I have to say – avoid The Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio, TX – bad service for $159/night and the $24/day parking was way too high.