ScribeFire is a blog posting extension for the Firefox web browser

Recently I was introduced by a fellow Dallas Web Designer, Kat Rice to a very interesting and useful Free Firefox extension called ScribeFire. I met Kat at a group I attend called Dallas Interactive Marketing & Internet SEO SEM Meetup. Yeah, I know, they really need to shorten that name.

I use WordPress for this blog and for 7 other domains I have in my personal and business web site repertoire. ScribeFire makes it very easy for me to manage all 8 WordPress blogs from one tab of my Firefox web browser without having to go log into 8 different blogs in 8 different tabs of the browser. Not that I really would work on all 8 at once, but with ScribeFire I can if I want to.

The extension currently supports 15 different blogging systems. it does not yet support Joomla.

This is the ScribeFire extension shown in use inside a Firefox browser window. This shows the writing a post or page view.

It installs like any other Firefox plugin and then the fun begins. Once you give the extension all the info for logging into each of your blogs then you can begin using the extension.

This extension allows you to write posts, pages, update posts and pages, save a post as a note (basically a draft), easily insert links, easily insert photos and you have full control over categories and tags from each blog you post on.

There is even a Flickr button to easily allow you to search Flickr for a photo for your post and it puts a link to the Flickr page of the photo’s owner, which is an ethical and necessary step for using other people’s images on your blog.

I like it because it allows me to post from a central place for all my blogs and sites. You have to try ScribeFire yourself to see the huge benefits for your blogging speed.

There is also an ad program that you can subscribe to. This will allow you to put ads on your blog that are targeted to your content. Sort of like Google Adwords, but with a special twist. I have signed up for that free service, but have yet to find the time to devote to using it.

Powered by ScribeFire.