A few weeks ago I bought this software bundle from Macheist where you get 14 shareware apps for $47, all for Mac OS X. The reason I bought it was that cssEdit was part of the bundle and I was just about to plunk down $30 on it alone. So of course I got the bundle and it has many very cool apps, some I will use, some I won’t. They do these bundles a few times a year and part of the money goes to charity.
So cssEdit is part edit css (a Firefox extension that lets you view changes as you change the css) and part inspect element (a Mac OS X Safari plug-in that lets you highlight an element on the page and see the cascade of css from that element).

The cssEdit program does both, plus lets you upload changes to your hmtl or php pages and then refresh within cssEdit and see the changes while still retaining the ability to interact with the css.

It’s quite amazing once you start to figure out all the program options and features. It has made me much more productive when working with css on sites.

The only thing I have not figured out how to do (I think) is to use the “pretend we are using Internet Explorer” feature. Gotta figure that one out, cuz as we all know, if a site is gonna break, it’s most likely gonna break under IE 6 or 7.

Too bad this one is only for Apple computers. I have a few friends that could use this on a PC too. If I figure out that IE option I will post it here.