Oh, we all love to hate the cable company.

Yup, Time Warner strikes again. A few weeks ago it rained and our internet service went “bye bye” until it had dried up again. Came back. Rained and “bye bye” again.

I spent 30 minutes on the phone (most of it waiting to get someone) with Time Warner. The only diagnostics they could do on the phone was “turn the modem and the router off, wait 2 minutes and plug everything back in”. This is diagnostics?

Needless to say, this solved nothing. so we scheduled for a guy (yes, the cable guy) to come out to see what is wrong.

He came, made us switch out a custom box my electrician had hooked up (cost us over $100 to get this box and have him install it) for some cheap Time Warner splitter. Now, there is now way my box was causing any of this.

Well, today it rained again and sure enough, Time Warner cable internet flaked out again. Interestingly enough, this time, it came back after the rain stopped (without waiting for the yard to dry). an hour later it rained again and the Time Warner cable went out again during the rain. The tv works, but the cable internet does not.


Seems like they need to check the outside lines, not the lines inside the house. Idiots.