We just got back on Saturday from our 5 night cruise out of Galveston, Texas on the Carnival Ecstasy.

Fish eye lens picture of David, Ruthie and Jon

Wow. We all (the whole family of five) had a super time on the cruise. It really was a very relaxing and fun trip.

The food was endless and luckily I only gained back 1.5 pounds! I mean really endless.

The buffet food was pretty good, but nothing to get excited about. Where the cruise line really shined was in the main dining room. The food was fabulous. The service was even better. We had a waiter from Peru named Martin (see photo of martin with the boys) who was really spectacular.

Keep in mind that the boys (I have been told that i am not exactly the best here) are usually a bit to handle all together and they can pack away a lot of food (hmmm, I thought you were supposed to get fat when you ate that much) when given the chance.

Gushin, Ruthie, Josh, David and Jon on the cruise ship
Well, the cruise was the ultimate test of that.

See, in the dining room, you can order as much as you want. You want two entrees, no problem. You want five appetizers, whatever. I think many people have no clue about this when they are new to cruising.

So Ruthie and I had been before and we told the boys they could order as much as they wanted.

Well, I think our average (in fairness, Ruthie pretty much stuck to a few appetizers and one entree) was seven appetizers and 2.5 entrees per person over the entire cruise for dinners. Plus there was one night when Jon, Ruthie and I went to the midnight extravaganza (with the ice sculptures and food carvings) so that day the three of us had 4 meals!

We asked Martin who had ordered the most food in the dining room and he said “your table”. Then we asked him who ordered the most food on the whole cruise and he said “your table”. Well, i guess we got our money’s worth out of this cruise. Martin, you were great. He told us which food was the best and never flinched when we ordered 11-12 items overall each.

So besides the food, we woke up for early morning sunsets, took long walks on the decks, used the steam rooms and saunas, went to shows, karaoke, comedy shows and had a great time.

The ship stopped in Mexico in the Yucatan at a port called Progresso and at Cozumel, Mexico.

in Progresso we took a local bus to the capital Merida (21 miles) and walked around among the true locals far away from all the tourists. Had real Mexican tacos in a market and did a bit of shopping.

In Cozumel (which Ruthie and i had been to the day after we got engaged) we got a cab to the Mr. Sancho beach and swam in the gulf, played ping pong, buried Jon in the sand, had a few beers and ate a bit. It was very relaxing and calming.

On the way back from Galveston, we dropped David off at A&M, visited with Amy for 5 minutes and came home.

Now they all want to go on another cruise.