Today I got a call from a recruiter for a Web Design contract position doing HTML and CSS work.

It was from a post I answered from the Dallas Craigslist Web Design job board that I frequently look at for postings related to the type of work I’m seeking.

The recruiter was very nice and told me that the client most likely would be looking for more detailed information than I had on my resume on that pertained to the type of HTMl and CSS work I had done at in my 2 years there.

So, this gave me the opportunity to go and look at my current resume.

Let’s just say that I have revised what was there.

The online version and the downloadable PDF version were not even the same, plus the PDF was like the online version, which is to say – no caps!

The whole site is without caps and is that way because I wanted that look, but to have someone download a resume and print it out, well, it just looks silly with no caps. So that was fixed today too.

Progress marches on. Hey, I might even get a call back from the recruiter for an interview.

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