This is my 1st real test of working freelance remotely (on a trip out of town) with just my Apple Powerbook G4 laptop and a wifi connection.

I am in College Station, TX with my wife, a co-worker of hers and my brother-in-law. They all came for a continuing education 2 day workshop for engineers. I came along just cuz I could and wanted to keep ruthie company. We like to travel together.

Now I have worked remotely before from a hotel room in San Antonio, TX while Ruthie was at a conference there, but I was working full time as an employee of and I pretty much had to be connected to the office so they would see I was actually “on the clock”.

This time I am working for myself, so it will be interesting to see how I fare at self control in keeping myself “on target” in getting some actual work done here on this trip.

I will finish this post tomorrow night and fill you in on how I did over the course of the day.

Well, I was pretty productive. I finished a comp of a 10-page site for a client for his massage business. It is a re-do of an old site.

I did also play a bit though. I dropped Ruthie and crew back off after lunch at Fatburger (big juicy 2/3 burger) and went to 3 pawn shops looking for items to sell on eBay, but did not find anything.

So I am declaring the day a success.

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