Mom just called and gave me sad news that our good family friend “Flo Wilson” had just passed away after a long battle with Leukemia.

Flo was a joy to be around. She always had a smile and was very optimistic about everything. We always thought of her as extended family.

The last time I got to spend any time with Flo was at Chanukkah when she dropped by Mom’s house when we were all gathered there. It was clear that she was in pain. It was clear that she was suffering from her disease.

She would have none of it though. She wanted to know how we were doing. How our families were, our children. You would ask her how she was doing and she would shrug it off and say she wanted to talk about fun stuff and not depressing stuff.

My memories of Flo will always be of a lady that wanted to enjoy life to the best of her abilities and to have fun. Ruthie and I have decided that this weekend we will go out and buy a flamboyant, brightly colored hat in her honor and that then whenever we saw the hat (or other item of clothing if we can’t find a hat) we would be thinking of our friend Flo!

You will be missed very much…