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Yes I was in the hospital, but I’m fine and energized

On June 3, 2012 we attended the wedding of our son David and his lovely bride Amy in Colorado Springs, CO (video short). Everything about the trip and the wedding was perfect.

We got back, I worked three days and we went to another wedding (Mel and Brad Krugel – photos) on Sunday June 10.

On June 3, I went to work and fell violently ill midday and had to be transported to Methodist Richardson Medical Center by ambulance.

By late that night, after many painful hours I finally left the emergency room and was admitted to the hospital on the third floor (intermediate care). They had diagnosed me with Acute Pancreatitis, which we later found out, was caused by a gall stone blocking a duct to the Pancreas.

This was the first of anything I had to eat in a week, strawberry jell-o, which to me tasted absolutely wonderful!
This was the first of anything I had to eat in a week, strawberry jell-o, which to me tasted absolutely wonderful!

I spent the next week hooked up to multitudes of tubes, IV’s and other assorted devices and was pumped full of all sorts of stuff. For a week I was allowed no food or liquids (yes, I cheated on the liquids a bit).

I was there for a total of 15 days until I was healthy enough to have an operation to have my gall bladder removed.

My wonderful wife, Ruthie, stayed with me all 15 days and nights with only a few trips back home to take care of herself and minor details like paying bills and washing clothes. She was perfect and watched over me when the hospital staff tried to do stuff I had no strength to argue about.

I spent another three weeks at home recovering until I was finally able to get back to work at my job at UT Dallas doing Web Design. Luckily I had five weeks of sick time built up so I never had to lose any pay or take any vacation time.

It has been a while since I have blogged – January 29 of this year to be exact, but I’m back, healthy and energized to start up again. I have recently upgraded this blog to use the new version 3 of the Headway framework and Ruthie and I have been working on some new sites, one also built with Headway 3.0. I will try and showcase some of the work we have been doing in additional posts, plus some of the fun stuff I have been doing at UT Dallas (new template, a blog on our WordPress multiuser platform & mobile work).