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Visited Amber Poplion last night – new pics

Last night Ruthie and I went to Children’s Medical Center to see Amber Poplion and this time I did indeed bring my camera along.

She is doing much better, as you can see, and even walked down to the hospital entrance and outside to say goodbye to us last night. We got nice hugs too.

The doctors have told her parents they will probably send Amber (and mom) to a rehab facility on Monday or Tuesday because she is doing so well on her recovery.

Click the image to see a larger series of 8 pics of Amber, her mom, dad, sister Alexis, brother Leon and Ruthie and I.

Progress report on Amber Poplion

I’m happy to report that the progress report for Amber Poplion is very good. Amber finally got off of intubation this weekend and today was finally released from the ICU unit and is in a regular room in Children’s Hospital! Ruthie and I visited her today and she was fairly alert and playing with her… Continue Reading