I was stumbling late tonight on StumbleUpon and came across a neat blog for those of us using the phpBay Pro plugin for WordPress.

It’s the blog of Melissa Eaton and her site is dedicated to talking about the eBay Affiliate Network program and the phpBay Pro plugin.

So the cool thing about this plugin is that once it is installed (in the usual manner) all you have to do is activate it and it will start tracking all of the search terms used in your blog’s search box.

You just click to get the report, which tells you which terms were searched for, how many hits each term got and even if terms were losers and got no results.

The losers might be telling you what users expected to find and did not on your site, so maybe it’s time to start blogging about those topics too.

The Search Meter plugin’s author is Bennett McElwee and can be found here at WordPress for download.