I am investigating a Facebook application called Radical Buy. I found it through an old high school friend named Ivan Schonwald that I recently re-connected with on Facebook.

Radical Buy

Radical Buy is an application within Facebook that allows you to list items for sale as an individual seller like you would on eBay.

The twist is that you can also show other seller’s products in the application and if a buyer then buys that product from your Facebook page where they saw it, you get a commission that the seller offers for selling it.

They have a web site www.radicalbuy.com (Note: has since closed down in November, 2010) that you can go to outside of Facebook to browse products for sale, add the application to Facebook, read the forums or find out more about the program.

I have not verified the fact, but I do also believe the company is based in Dallas, Texas, which is also where I live and grew up.

I will be testing this software because I think it might be a good alternative or addition to eBay as a sales outlet, plus i like the sort of affiliate marketing angle with the commissions. So far i have listed a comic book and am going to try and earn commissions on products a few other sellers have for sale as well.