A few months ago I did a trial on an app on my MacBook Pro called Paste. I like it so much I subscribed for the yearly price of $9.99!

This app adds so much functionality to my daily Mac and iOS use. I rely on it dozens of times a day to enhance my productivity.

I had previously used other iMac utilities that were free, and they were good, but Paste is so robust as to be essential to my workflow.

I am a Web Developer that works for a university and I am constantly using cut and paste. Building pages, moving content, creating and reusing blocks of CSS and HTML. I also work on a lot of HTML emails.

With Paste, and the history feature, I can easily search for copy, email addresses, website URLs and other pieces of info. It’s quick and easy to find things I have used before. The search function in the Paste app is very good and you can quickly get to what you want.

Here’s a screenshot of the different pasteboards I have created to organize some saved pasted items. you can call them whatever you want.

Screenshot of pinboard

So, within a pasteboard, you can label the saved items whatever you want. These labels are searchable also.

HTML saved in pinboard

You can copy images into it and when you copy a hex color code the block it saves is the actual color, which makes them easy to visually search.

To paste one of these items into your document or email or wherever is as simple as hitting return once you have selected the correct one.

You can keep the history forever or choose to keep the history for just the day, the week, the month or the year. There are also custom keyboard shortcuts you can set. You can also do a paste stack, where you copy a number of items, then paste them back in the correct order.

Paste app works on Mac and iOS and the sync is almost instant between the two.

Just try it and you will love it. There’s a 14-day free trial.

Disclosure: I have no connection to this app and do not get a referral. I just really like it.