Ruthie and I are just about to leave for the airport for a trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin (I was born there) for my uncle Nate Taffel’s 80th birthday celebration.

That’s Nate being very musical from last year’s trip there for his wife, my aunt Mur’s 75th birthday celebration. We went over to my cousin Jimmy Guten’s place and they put on a nice little concert in the backyard where even my mom played the piano in a set.

We have everything packed in 2 very small suitcases so that we won’t have to wait for luggage in Chicago as we still have to drive from Chicago to Milwaukee once we get off the plane and it’s going to be pretty late when we get to my aunt Renee and uncle Jack Dygola’s house to sleep.

More from Milwaukee soon (yes, i brought my trusty Powerbook g4 along)