Hey folks, the Gushin clan just bought a new house!

After a tense filled 10-day option period with a jackass real estate (the sellers, not ours) agent, we have finally come to an agreement on the house we are buying!

It was a crazy ride. For some bizarre reason, the sellers agent decided she would screw us over and kept showing the property after we already had a contract with an option of 10-days.

She was very difficult to deal with and we could tell she was probably trying to steal the extra 3% commission from our agent, which sucked. After the closing we will be reporting her to the real estate board for sure.

But, the important thing is that we have finished the negotiations and all we have to do is get to the closing (mid March) and sell our house.

We have plans to re-do some of the house and are looking forward to getting in and getting started. This will be the first house that Rooty Jr. and I can call “our own”

We are also very excited that Josh is expected back from Israel for a visit very soon!