I just upgraded 2 of my blogs, TheLifeOfBuford and this one, my freelance blog, to WordPress 2.71.

AloneOnTheWeb upgraded just fine, but TheLifeOfBuford at first was a real failure.

For the first hour after upgrading I could not login to the admin panel of WordPress at all. All i saw was a white page with the message “error 500 – internal server error” and “try again later”.

Well, i thought it was the end of that blog for sure. I posted on twitter asking for help and all.

The strange thing was that I tried this at least 5 times and no luck. the other strange thing is that I was able to post to the blog using iblogger on the iPhone just fine and the post showed up on the blog.

So an hour later I tried again and it logged me right in and it looks fine. Odd behavior at best. I hope everything is fine.

The new interface looks very nice. I will have to play around with it and do some more testing.

Anybody else have this “error 500” business?