Yeah, I finally brought myself to take down the Mike Huckabee for President banner.

I did get the special opportunity, along with my wife Ruthie to meet Mike on the day of the Texas primary, March 4th.

I got an email from Jim Edwards, who I had been working with and Jim was really involved in the Huckabee campaign. The email said that I was invited to meet with Mike at his office with some other campaign volunteers because Mike wanted to personally thank the volunteers.

I called Ruthie and rushed over there as fast as I could. Ruthie had just arrived in Cedar Hill for work, but her boss told her to leave and go see Mike (he was a Huckabee supporter too) so she arrived right about when I did. Huck arrived, said a few words and then went around the room and spent a few moments with just about all of the 100 or so people there.

We were on the way that night to go see him again in Irving when we heard his concession speech on the radio. We went there anyways, but he had already left and we talked for a short bit with Jim Edwards before we left.

I’ll look to see Mike again on the national stage.