As many of you know, I supported Mike Huckabee for President during the primaries.

Huck Pac

He has since started Huck Pac, a site devoted to trying to bring the issues forward in this campaign.

Some of the topics he would like America to discuss on what he is calling “Vertical Day” are…

• How would you control spending in Washington?

• How would you make America energy independent?

• What would you do to improve our education system?

• What would you do to improve our health care system?

• What sort of tax reform do you think America needs to boost our economy?

• What steps would you take to promote conservation and good stewardship of the environment?

Huck Pac

My own thoughts are i think we should get energy independent as quick as we can by whatever means we as a great country have. The ideas are here. the people are here. Get government out of the way and let’s get America on the problem.

So let’s start chatting and please do go visit the Huck Pac site and help Mike Huckabee discuss our country’s issues. who else wants to help get this word out?