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How to fix WordPress not automatically upgrading with 1and1.com

How to fix WordPress not automatically upgrading with 1and1.com

Well, it looks like the automatic upgrade problem was not WordPress, but my hosting company 1and1.com.

I searched around a bit more and came up with this excellent post by Michael Stults which fixed the issue. Thanks a bunch Michael.

I won’t rehash all that Michael has gone over, but it seems that 1and1.com was serving up PHP 4.0 instead of PHP 5.0, which WordPress was looking for.

A quick paste of these two lines before the closing tag of the .htaccess file makes it use PHP 5.0 and problem solved.

AddHandler x-mapp-php5 .php

AddType x-mapp-php5 .php

That’s all it took. Now all four of our WordPress sites are working right and automatically updating as they should.

3 Responses to How to fix WordPress not automatically upgrading with 1and1.com

  1. Never even thought that you weren’t using php5. I did run into one today that I had a problem on a site and it was a plug-in that had to be deactuvated while I was upgrading. Then it worked fine. Reactivated it then and all was good. Had to do a little research for that one. It was the NextGen Image Gallery.

    Glad you found out the problem.

  2. Dennis,

    Thank you for mentioning my post. More importantly I am glad that you found answers to your question. I know how much a pain in the rear this must be for a lot of people and especially for several who might not be aware of the fix.

    Have a terrific upcoming week!

    -Michael Stults

    • Michael,

      You are welcome. You really saved me a WHOLE LOT OF TIME in fixing this problem and I am really thankful someone took the time to write a post about fixing your WordPress blog when 1and1.com screws it up by defaulting to PHP 4 instead of PHP 5.

      Oddly, I had a problem last week. I clicked the button to update a post and boom, I got the infernal Internal Error 500 message and was locked out of the WordPress admin, plus the blog was offline.

      Luckily, after I spent about five minutes panciking, I thought to check the .htaccess file and it was the culprit. Those two lines you told me to put in had gone away, poof! I added them back and everything was normal again.

      Thanks again for your help.

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