The Blogsy iPad AppDo you have an iPad and are you frustrated with the stock WordPress app for your blogging needs? I just purchased a new (new for me anyway) app called Blogsy that takes blogging on the iPad a notch up from that underwhelming experience. It works for, self hosted WordPress sites, Blogger and Posterious blogs. I’m creating this post in the app and it’s pretty easy. Some of the improvements from the regular iPad WordPress app:  

  • Rich text formatting – alignment, bold, italic, underline, quotes, colors, background color of text, font sizes, font family, lists
  • True HTML editing
  • Images – add from iPad, Flickr account, Picassa account, Google images
  • Videos – add from your YouTube account
  • Safari – add images and links by drag and drop

The Blogsy website has a number of how to videos that walk you through all the features and help files. The app was only $4.99 and so far has been well worth it. I’ll talk about it more after I have some more experience with it, but I think I have found my answer to blogging on the iPad. If anyone has had any longer term experience with Blogsy I’d love to hear from you on your experiences or any tips you might have.Check out Blogsy on their website.