20120107-133352.jpgAfter a long hiatus (May 2011) from my WordPress blog, I have finally decided I needed to write again.

One of the things stopping me was a stupid requirement I imposed on myself for posting. I was using a feature called “featured post” that was a little section that faded out images from each post as sort of a preview.

It required me to create a 300 x 200 pixel image for each post and then tag that as the “featured image” within the WordPress theme, which is a framework called Headway.

Only problem was that I was using my iPad way more than my laptop and it was next to impossible to do from the iPad.

This morning I decided to scrap that section and start blogging again. I started this post on the iPad and am finishing it on the iPhone!

Oh yeah, the image is of my wife Ruthie from the New Years party we went to. it was edited in an iPhone app called SketchMee.