This weekend we got together with our good friends, Joe and Risa Liken, at a local park that has a creek and trails along both sides.

We also brought the doggies, which in this case, was our Allie and Tasha, plus the Liken’s Shana.

It was a very enjoyable outing and I think we did about 3.5 miles according to Joe’s iPhone app that tracked the trek.

The weather was perfect. Sunny and in the mid 60’s.

It was a personal good day for walking for me, especially for a weekend day. I tend to do about 11,000 steps on a weekday and about 6-7,000 on a weekend day. This day I was close to 14,000 steps.

Any day I can get above 12,000 is a win for me.

So, what are the benefits of going with the dogs?

– Forced us to walk longer than we might by ourselves

– The dogs get sunshine and exercise

– A big one for us was to have our dogs and the Liken’s dog socialize

– Builds strong bonds with our friends, the Likens.

We are normally notorious for neglecting walking the dogs. This was a good thing for us to do.

Does anyone have and good dog walk stories they would like to share?