Ruthie and I went Christmas light roaming again with our friends Eric and Robin Roach last night. First we went back to the Springpark area off Jupiter Rd. and saw the neighborhood we had seen the week before with Eric and Robin, but we went too late last time and many houses had already turned off the lights.

This time we went much earlier, about 7pm, and saw a ton more lights.

We also went to a fabulous house near Jupiter and Belt Line where the entire backyard was encased in lights, plus there was a train that was all decorated that was actually giving free rides to kids. The guy even had a video camera set-up and a TV so the parents could see the kids as they were on the train.

Then we went back south to the Newell house that we had gone to with Larry and Charlotte Enge and the lights were on there. This time Eric and I had our DSLR Canon’s with us and walked around taking detail shots of the decorations. The owner, a very nice lady named Liz Simmons, let us walk all around the yard and even opened the window so we could get good detail shots of the small house scenes she had created.

My shots are still in the DSLR, but these are a few that I took with my iPhone. I am amazed at the resolution the iPhone 4 takes and the color depth. I did edit them a tiny bit in my new camera app called Camera Plus Pro ($1.99). I had just purchased it that morning and it does a fantastic job.