That’s my office in the photo. It’s on the campus of The University of Texas at Dallas in Green Hall. I now have not been inside the building for over 14 months. The last day in the office was March 16, 2020.

Every morning, I get up, shower, eat breakfast, and get dressed and go to my office and start working at at 8 AM. I get off at 5 PM every day. So that has not changed from before. I decided from the start not to change my work routine. I don’t answer emails or texts from work after 5 PM.

Have I enjoyed working from home (WFH)?

The simple answer is yes, but with a number of pros and cons. Here’s a short list of those.


  • No commute (except walking to our small office)
  • Less wear and tear on vehicles
  • Save the cost of a parking pass
  • More time with my wife
  • 8-5 day is now only 8-5


  • Miss my office itself
  • No physical interaction with co-workers
  • Miss out on events on campus
  • Miss walks (daily) on campus
  • Amount of meetings virtually has increased at home

I could list many more, but I think overall I have liked it.

It’s currently up-in-the-air when and if I will return to my physical office on campus. It may happen by late August.